This is the final step in the real estate purchase process in Thailand. It is now time to register the sale and transfer of the property to the Buyer. Professional Corporate Services offers a service that provides representation for the Buyer as well as the Seller at the local Land Registration Department. Our team of real estate experts will escort the parties to the registration office to ensure the documents are submitted properly and that the transfer fees and taxes are paid. The final step is to ensure the title deed correctly reflects the transaction.

Paying Transfer Fees and Taxes

What are the property transfer fees and Taxes?
Except for the transfer fee, which is generally shared between the buyer and seller at a rate of 1% each, the payment of all taxes and fees related to the sale of real estate in Thailand is the seller's responsibility.

The transfer fee is calculated based on the valuation of the property as held by the Land Department. This valuation is always lower than the market valuation.

If a property is owned by a corporation or for less than 5 years by an individual, a specific business tax is levied at a rate of 3.3% of the declared sale price. If an individual has held the property for more than 5 years, a stamp duty of 0.5% is applied. And a withholding tax at the rate of 1% of the property's assessed value by the Land Department is also applied.

Title Deeds - Chanote - Sor. 4 Jor

A LAND TITLE DEED issued by the relevant Thai government Land Registration Department shows a person's rights to land (ownership if it is a Chanote title deed) and registered encumbrances such as mortgages, leases, etc. on a property. Foreigners are not allowed to own land and cannot be named as the owner of land in Thailand but they can be the holder of certain rights like lease, right of usufruct, habitation, superficies, mortgage which can be registered in their name and it will appear on the title deed.

In the case of the purchase and transfer of a condo unit which is in the foreign allocation of the condominium, a Title Deed can be issued in the foreigner's name.

SUMMARY - It is very important to have representation at the Thai Land Registration Department. The reasons are many but you only need to know of one, communication. Our Thai real estate expert can execute the transaction quickly and effectively and ensure everything conforms to the Sale and Purchase Agreement. We suggest that you take the time to contact one of our real estate consultants and get all the facts. Please remember the 1st consultation is totally FREE so don't hesitate to fill in the form below and contact us! We are looking forward to working with you.

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