What services does a Notary provide? A Notary, or Notary Service attorney, can notarize or witness the signatures of most documents. You will often require the services of a Notary when you have documents which are needed to be used abroad. The Notary’ signature and stamp will certify the authenticity of your documents in foreign countries and serve as a proof that all relevant checks have been carried out.

Notarization is often necessary and required by both public and private sectors, such as banks, schools, embassies, or private companies.

Thai Notary Service attorneys are given the authority to operate as Notary Services Attorney in Thailand by the Lawyers Council of Thailand.

Hence, no matter what nationality you are, when you are required to attest documents or to authenticate a signature to use in a foreign jurisdiction, we are always able to assist you.

Notary Service Attorneys

Our Notary Service Attorneys can notarize all types of personal documents for use abroad. The most frequently notarized documents:

  • Private contracts and agreements
  • Power of Attorney for use abroad
  • Copy of documents as true copies
  • Copy of passport
  • Certificates
  • Bank documents and letters
  • Property documents for use abroad
  • Legal documents for use abroad

We notarize all types of corporate or business documents, including:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Documents for Company, Director and Shareholder
  • Affidavit, statements, or declaration
  • Legal translations
  • Certificate of identity of directors or company officers
  • Certificate of Company good Standing
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Company Resolution, minutes, contracts, and reports

Notary Services At the Embassy
In case you have documents that need to be used in other countries, you might need to use the notary services of that embassy. Additionally, you might need to use your own embassy services. To ensure that the formalities will be adequately fulfilled, please communicate with your embassy or your lawyer in your country beforehand.

Notary / Notary Public

A Notary or Notary Public is an official who is licensed by the State to perform the authentication of signatures or documents, and to witness affidavits or statements of persons under oath.

In most countries, notarization of documents is important as the act of notarization itself guarantees the authenticity of the document. As Thailand is not a signatory to the Hague Convention on Legalization of Foreign Public Documents yet, there is no Notary Public in Thailand. However, Notary Services Attorneys are empowered to notarize documents in Thailand by the Lawyers Council of Thailand which regulates the practice of Notary services in the State.

In some cases, the formalities might require to notarize the document at the Embassy of the country to which the document is to be presented.

Summarizing Notary Services in Thailand

As you can see, notary services are available in Thailand. Professional Corporate Services can certainly assist you, with services to notorize documents, so don’t hesitate to contact us. And remember, if you require it, the 1st consultation is totally FREE! Go ahead use the contact us form below. We are here to serve you!

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