Section 85(4), of the Thai Revenue Code outlines the rules and regulations regarding VAT (Value Added Tax) Registraion. A business needs to charge VAT on goods and services and then must remit the VAT collected to the revenue department. From the VAT you charged and collected you also have the right to deduct VAT you paid on certain goods and services. The company must file (if using paper) form Por Por 30 (also referred to as PP30) on or before the 15th of the month following its collection. This means if you collect VAT in January you must file and pay before Feb 15th.

VAT Information

The VAT in Thailand is set at 7% and this rate is valid and applicable until September 2023. There is an annual VAT registration threshold of 1.8 million THB per annum. It is not compulsory to register for VAT if your annual sales turnover is projected to be below this amount; however it is possible to apply for a voluntary registration. Professional Corporate Services highly recommends that you register for VAT regardless of your projected sales. It is simply good due process.

VAT Registration Process

Due to the complexity of VAT registration it is advisable that you allow an expert, like Professional Corporate Services, to aid your company with the process. Please find the general requirements below;

  1. house registration and identification card of the building owner and signature (in case you rent the premise).
  2. house registration where the company is situated with the signature of building owner
  3. house registration and identification card of company director with signature
  4. photograph of company headquarter
  5. map showing where the company is located
  6. rental agreement(in the event you rent the premises)
  7. company registration certificate

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