Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) was put into place as a measure to follow Western countries (GDPR) with Cross-Border Data Protection issues. The PDPA went into full force on June 1st 2022. Professional Corporate Services offers to help Companies get PDPA compliant with a PDPA Package. The PDPA package is all inclusive and will cover most of the important articles of the Personal Data Protection Act. It includes a full set of documents and agreements that are customized for your business. Here is what we will include;

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  1. PDPA Meeting (90 minutes):
    1. Our PDPA team will visit your workplace and provide your Company with a short and to the point seminar detailing the Personal Data Protection Act. (Workplace visits are limited to Bangkok and proximity. Video conference for other areas)
    2. Review all sources of personal data collection and make recommendations on how to secure and store the data, advise how it should be handled, and what procedures need to be put in place to comply with PDPA B.E. 2562
  2. Copy of The Act in English & Thai:
    • Provide your Company with a copy of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 in both Thai and English
  3. PDPA Compliance Process:
    • Once the client and PCS have completed the review of the company's data sources and its data flow process PCS will perform the following functions;
      1. Provide your company with a roadmap to PDPA Compliance
      2. Provide compliant PDPA wording for the Company Privacy Policy - English & Thai (can be posted on the web)
      3. Provide Compliant PDPA wording for the Company Terms Of Use Policy - English & Thai (can be posted on the web)
      4. Provide Employee Personal Data Protection Acknowledgement Agreement - English & Thai (very important for all employees)
      5. Provide Wording for Company Work Rules and/or Employee Employment Contracts - English & Thai
      6. Provide Wording for email to advise existing clients of your Company’s PDPA Compliance schedule and to get their consent - English & Thai
      7. Provide Wording for consent required for sensitive data as it relates to PDPA English & Thai
      8. Provide template for Data Flow between Data Controller and or Data Processor(s) - English & Thai
      9. Provide Wording for any other agreements or policies related to PDPA - English & Thai
  4. Data Protection Officer:
    • Provide your company with a Data Protection Officer who will supply your company with the following services;
      1. Give advice to the Data Controller or the Data Processor, including its employees with respect to compliance with this law.(by telephone or video call or email)
      2. Investigate the performance of the Data Controller.
      3. Coordinate and cooperate with the Company in the circumstance where there are problems with respect to the collection, use, or disclosure of the Personal Data. (does not include litigation)
      4. Provide recommendations and suggestions as to how Personal Data may be shared with others without compromising the PDPA
      5. Keep confidential the Personal Data known or acquired in the course of the DPO’s duty under this Law.

The Personal Data Protection Package offered above, by PCS, includes a PDPA Meeting that should be attended by company personnel that have access and handle Personal Data. The all-inclusive Personal Data Protection Package offered to Companies can be implemented in a short time. Remember that the Personal Data Protection Act became enforceable on June 1st 2022. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on this package. Kindly use the contact form below. We are looking forward to working with you!

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